Always respect your opponent, the referee, as well as all officials and most of all, respect yourself.

Follow rules

Always follow the rules of V-Shooting and HomeLaserShooting and believe that it will always take you the farthest.

Winners / loosers

Accept victory with humility, a smile and don't forget to thank your opponent. Take defeat as a good experience that will lead you to future victories. Always congratulate the winners as a friend.

No crude language

Don't use crude language, gestures and other insults, not only during races, but throughout your life, and believe that you will gain respect in this way.

Say "NO!"

Fraud, corruption, racism, violence, harassment and other dangers have no place in our sport, our community and our organization. Always stand up to these things and don't be afraid to report them to the officials.

On time

Follow the schedule and if you know you have a problem, let everyone involved know.

Stay in Touch

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