League rules of V-Shooting

  1. Performance Groups

1.1 Before the league starts, all competitors will be divided into performance groups. This will take place as follows:

   1.1.1 Competitors who have participated in at least two V-Shooting races will be placed into a group according to the average time they achieved in those races.

   1.1.2 Newly registered competitors will have to participate in the preliminary classification round.

   1.1.3 In the preliminary classification round, each competitor will shoot three shooting series. The average of all three times will be the resulting classification time.

1.2 Performance Groups:

Performance group






Average time

Up to 15 seconds

From 16 to 26 seconds

From 21 to 26 seconds

From 27 to 37 seconds

37 seconds and more



  1. Points


2.1 After each match, points will be added to the group table.

2.2 The number of points awarded to each competitor after the end of the match is directly equal to the number of points he/she has gained in the match.

2.3 If the winner wins with a ratio of 3:0, he/she will receive one bonus point for the table.


Example: The result of the match between competitor A and competitor B is 3:2. The winner is competitor A, and he gets 3 points in the table, competitor B gets 2 points.


  1. Group Stage


3.1 Competitors will be drawn into groups according to age categories and performance groups.


3.2 Each group must have at least 4 participants; if this number cannot be reached, the number of group participants can be adjusted to 3 or 5. This will be decided by the tournament director.


3.3 In the groups, a competitor will face each opponent in two matches.


3.4 The standings in the group after the last round has been played will determine who progresses to the playoffs.

   3.4.1 The standings are decided by points. If the points are equal, the total number of shots decides. If the total number of shots is equal, the sum of the three best shooting times achieved in the matches decides.


3.5 Competitors placed in the first two places in the group always advance to the playoffs.


3.6 Some competitors from third places can also advance to the playoffs, but this depends on the number of groups.


  1. The Playoffs


4.1 The playoffs are the elimination stage of the competition.


4.2 Participants will always be deployed according to the following key: the first participant from one group will face the second participant from the adjacent group. If participants from third places also advance, they will face each other in the preliminary round. They are deployed against each other so that participants from groups compete as closely to each other as possible (for example, participant from group A with a participant from group B, etc.).


4.3. The final round is an elimination round. Two competitors will face each other. The competitor with the better three times, and thus three points won, will advance to the next stage. The elimination round continues until there is a winner.

4.4. The 3rd and 4th place will be determined in a match between the defeated semifinalists. The competitor with the better three times, and thus three points won, gets 3rd place.

4.5. The time is calculated as follows:

    4.5.1 If a player achieves a time between a full second and its exact half, the lower value is

the resulting time; If a player achieves a time between x.51 and a full second, the higher value is the resulting time. Example: A competitor reaches a time of 4.56 seconds, so the time of 5 seconds is the resulting time.